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Follow everything that happens in Germany 2006


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Have you run out of excuses to stay at home watching the World Cup? Do you want to keep up to date with everything going on without the boss getting on your back? Well now you can with the Infobae World Cup Browser.

Infobae World Cup Browser is an add-on for Internet Explorer and is fully integrated with it. It gives it a sleek new look and, above all, tells you what is happening in the World Cup through a search bar added to the browser interface.

Infobae World Cup Browser, will change the appearance of IE completely, changing the buttons and adding a football themed background (which you can change) to the top of the screen.

But more importantly is the attractive and functional navigation bar that will show, according to your preferences, detailed information about the group classifications, the match schedule, the best photos from the previous day, and links to news published on the portal
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